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When you visit our office, your smile is our top priority. Our entire team is dedicated to providing you with the personalized, gentle care that you deserve.

Part of our commitment to serving our patients includes providing information that helps them to make more informed decisions about their oral health needs. This website is a resource we hope you’ll find both useful and interesting.

We genuinely hope this site is helpful to you in learning more about our practice, dental conditions and treatments, dental recommendations, and more.

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Invisalign® clear aligners are the alternative teeth straightening treatment to braces of teeth for kids, teens, and adults.

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maryam saleh dds

Dr. Maryam Saleh

Dr. Maryam Saleh, DDS and FAGD, is a skilled general dentist and an experienced provider of Invisalign in the greater Sacramento area. She also has a considerable case history with pediatric dentistry and brings this passion for working with young people to the Miners Ravine Dental Group. Her presence helps make our Sacramento office a full-fledged family practice.

Meet Dr. Saleh

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We offer clear dental aligners to help straighten teeth and enjoy the lovely smile you deserve and have always wanted.
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Dental Implants

Dental Implants

Your smile matters to us! Miners Ravine Dental Group offers premier Dental Implants for a brighter, healthier grin.
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Superior dental care begins here at Miners Ravine Dental Group. Offering top-quality dentures for every smile.
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teeth whitening

teeth whitening

At Miners Ravine Dental Group, we offer different teeth whitening methods to suit the needs and budgets of our patients.
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cosmetic dentistry

cosmetic dentistry

We take pride in building a solid foundation for our patients and offer a wide range of cosmetic treatments to improve your smile.
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Pediatric Dental Care

Pediatric Dental Care

Fillings, nitrous, cleanings and exams, laser frenectomy, tooth extractions, sealants, crowns, emergency dental care for children, sports mouth guards.
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Frequently asked question


The ADA classifies dental emergencies as “potentially life-threatening and require immediate treatment to stop ongoing tissue bleeding, alleviate severe pain or infection.” But what exactly does that mean? Some examples of dental emergencies provided by ADA include:

  • Uncontrolled bleeding
  • Cellulitis or soft tissue infection with swelling that potentially compromises a patient’s airway
  • Trauma to facial bones that may obstruct an airway and make breathing difficult
  • Tooth or jaw pain

You may have heard the expression that the eyes are the window to the soul, and while that may be true, another part of your body can tell you a lot about your overall wellbeing.

The truth is, your mouth can give your dentist in Sacramento insight to other problems that may be going on in the rest of your body. More specifically, researchers have found a connection between gum disease and an increased risk for heart disease.

The truth is, chewing gum after a meal when you can’t brush or floss can help remove plaque or food particles that stick around after lunch. It can even help stimulate saliva to neutralize acids and wash away bacteria. But some gum may do more harm than good.

If your chewing gum of choice contains sugar, high fructose corn syrup, or saccharine, chances are that it’s contributing more to the problem of bacteria and acid than helping it. But gum containing Xylitol is a different story.

The top reason wisdom teeth need to be removed is that there’s no more room in your mouth for four more teeth. If this is happening, your dental team will be able to identify it early through dental x-rays.

When there’s simply not enough room for your wisdom teeth, extraction will be recommended. If treatment is not completed and the teeth start to erupt, a whole host of issues can occur including overcrowding, crookedness, and jaw pain.

Your wisdom teeth may also become impacted, which is just a way to say that the teeth become stuck. Once wisdom teeth are impacted, the surgery is a bit more complicated but still fairly easy.

You should go to the dentist at least every six months, but it’s something that’s so often foregone. Whether you miss your dental checkups due to a crazy schedule or perhaps a fear of the dentist, the team at our Roseville dental office is here to both encourage you to keep up with your bi-yearly appointments and to tell you a few instances when you should absolutely schedule a visit right away.

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Our practice is committed to providing you and your family with safe, gentle, and state-of-the-art dental care. We are sensitive to your needs as a patient; you can always count on receiving individual attention from our doctors and staff.

We work with you to help you feel comfortable and bring you the best in dental services.

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