Best dentist ever! Had to have a new crown, three cavities field and I am a horrible patient because I am scared to death of going to the dentist. COVID put a damper in my dental care which I was fine with. Now that Dr. Saleh is wonderful and the staff is just as amazing. I moved out of the area during COVID and it's worth the hour drive to go here.
Courtney P.
Always extraordinary! Patient, informative, compassionate. Nobody likes going to the dentist but, I genuinely enjoy seeing every individual in this building. They're all so wonderful and kind. I know I'm in good hands here. If my family lived closer, Id make us them all believers in Miners Ravine Dental Group!
Alaina Julian
The staff at Miners Ravine Dental Group is always so friendly and knowledgeable! They really make going to the dentist a comfortable and pleasant experience. Thank you!!
Katelyn Sorum
Everyone was so kind and very knowledgeable, thanks I will call in the morning,thanks alot!
Jeanne Arnold
I love them, doctor & the staffs. So kind and reasonable everything. I would like to recommend this dentist.
Kee James
The office staff is very friendly. It didn’t feel as if it were my first appointment. So glad we found you!
Diane Kimball
Amazing results from dental procedure.The Staff and the Dr.are very efficient, and professional.
mercy kamau
Always a great experience with peace of mind. Amazing staff, always friendly, always clean!
Nicole Lewis
Absolutely amazing staff! I'd recommend Miners Ravine Dental Group to anyone.
alex b
Best dentist ever! Unlike most dentists, I never dread going. 🙂
Zachary M