DIY Veneers: 5 Important Facts To Know About

Advertisements and social media posts promoting DIY dental veneers have become increasingly common over the last year. You may have already seen one of these advertisements on your feed. At first glance, they seem like a simple and affordable way to improve your smile at home. However, you may want to take a moment to discuss the possibilities with the dental experts at Miners Ravine Dental Group.

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DIY Veneers Explained

DIY dental veneers are typically cheaper than the custom veneers available from your dentist. They are marketed as low-cost, temporary alternatives for traditional veneers. Most of them do not use a mold of your teeth, so finding a set that fits can be difficult. DIY veneers are not attached in any significant way. Instead, they rely entirely on adhesive to remain in position.

If you’re interested in improving your smile, then DIY veneers may seem like a good idea. But there are a few important concerns that you should be aware of before you invest.

1. Only Useful For Short Periods

DIY veneers are made from lower-quality materials and aren’t designed for constant use. Some patients can only tolerate wearing DIY veneers for an hour or two at most. It’s not uncommon for DIY veneers to provide discomfort because they are not custom fitted to your mouth.

2. DIY Veneers Don’t Last Long

The veneers will wear down much faster than a professional set and will need to be replaced more frequently. Over time, you may pay significantly more due to constantly replacing the veneers. They aren’t made with the same materials, standards, or attention to detail as professional veneers.

3. No Custom Designs

There are very few DIY veneer manufacturers that allow you to send a mold of your teeth. And even then, the results cannot be customized further to account for comfort, preference, or other concerns. This results in veneers that are frequently uncomfortable and may not even look real.

4. Problems with Chewing Food

The number one complaint among DIY veneer customers is that the manufacturer does not consider your bite when producing the veneers. This has led to a variety of different problems with customers who have specific bite types. It can cause pain by placing excessive pressure on certain teeth. A professional dentist will take your bite into account when designing custom veneers.

5. Unwanted Bacteria and Decay

Wearing veneers not custom designed to fit your mouth can lead to various unwanted problems. Discomfort and pain are only two of the symptoms frequently mentioned. Unwanted bacteria growth is another real threat. DIY veneers that do not fit properly can create gaps where bacteria hide and grows. This can lead to more serious problems like rot and decay.

We know that every smile at Miners Ravine Dental Group is unique, which means your dentures should also be unique. If you’re going to purchase dentures, then you should invest in a long-term, customized product that won’t lead to pain, discomfort, and bacteria growth.