Top 10 Facts About Teeth Whitening Process

Recently, the demand for cosmetic dentistry has been rising rapidly. More people are looking for the most effective methods to improve their smiles. A recent study by RealSelf showed that 40% of dental patients highly consider using teeth whitening, veneers, or Invisalign® to make their teeth look better.

However, the teeth whitening topic has been muddied by numerous myths and various aspersions. This article presents ten facts and three vital tips about teeth whitening process.

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10 Major Facts You Need To Know About Teeth Whitening

  1. Various factors, including foods and drinks like red wine, tea, and coffee, and unhealthy habits like smoking, determine the whiteness of your teeth. In addition, genetics also play a significant part in the whiteness of your teeth.
  2. Generally, to maintain white teeth, you will need to brush and floss regularly and effectively to prevent the buildup and hardening of plaque. Plaque is a sticky deposit that forms on teeth and encourages the proliferation of bacteria. Over time, the plaque may harden and form calculus, also called tartar, which influences the whiteness of your teeth.
  3. Also, the use of antibiotics and the presence of small cracks in the teeth can lead to staining beneath the surface of the teeth. Over time, these small cracks allow the teeth to absorb stains and change color.
  4. Your teeth’ genetic composition, and consequently the natural color, are established at birth regardless of the stains that gather over time. Using a teeth-whitening product only removes these stains and not the natural color, notwithstanding the product’s efficacy.
  5. However, you can rely on professional teeth whitening or bleaching to improve the natural color of your teeth effectively. Carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide are examples of effective teeth-whitening products. The chemical composition of these products disintegrates and gives off oxygen atoms absorbed by your teeth’s enamel to make the tooth’s color lighter.
  6. After the professional teeth-whitening process is complete, the results are expected to last for a minimum of three years. However, you will need to maintain your teeth well during this period to ensure the whiteness endures. In addition, it is advisable to give up smoking and reduce your intake of strongly colored foods to maintain whiteness for that long. Ultimately, you will have to maintain your teeth after the teeth-whitening process.
  7. It is best if a qualified cosmetic dentist conducts the teeth-whitening procedure. This way, you can avoid the health hazards you might be exposed to when you opt for a whitening kiosk or local beautician instead of a professional.
  8. The teeth whitening products sold over the counter must have only 0.1% concentration of hydrogen peroxide, which is too little to have any observable impact on the color of your teeth.
  9. Teeth whitening processes can only lighten the natural color of your teeth and cannot eliminate deep-seated stains on your teeth.
  10. Furthermore, you will have to lower your consumption of food and drinks likely to stain your teeth. Besides food, smoking is another daily habit that greatly contributes to teeth discoloration. Certainly, you will have an important role in keeping your teeth as white as possible.

The Three Most Effective Tips For Maintaining White Teeth

1. Do Not Use Teeth Whitening Products From Overseas

Do not buy or use any teeth-whitening product sourced from abroad, regardless of how affordable and alluring it might be. There is no way to guarantee that such products contain safe products only. In addition, it is only possible to rely on online companies with a physical location in the country since their manufacturing processes may not be regulated and of the highest standards. Always consult a dentist to ascertain the safety of any teeth-whitening products you intend to use.

2. Consult A Professional Dentist

Always consult your local dentist, who is a trustworthy source of information regarding teeth whitening. A professional dentist is trained and licensed to offer advice and administer the necessary treatment to a dental patient. In addition, such consultations offer an opportunity to seek services perfectly tailored to your individual needs.

A qualified dentist in Roseville, CA, can treat a dental patient with a 6% concentration of hydrogen peroxide. This concentration level is 6,000 times more effective than the ordinary over-the-counter teeth-whitening product. Always call or visit a cosmetic dentist if you are looking for the most effective teeth-whitening results.

3. Observe The Law

Remember, beauticians cannot legally provide teeth whitening services; only a trained and licensed dentist or hygienist is qualified for such work. Other than respecting the law, having your teeth whitened by a qualified hygienist or dentist guarantees quality services as guided by industry standards and helps you achieve better results at the end of the process.

When poorly done, tooth whitening can lead to long-term damage to your gums or teeth. Trying to save money by procuring unprofessional services is a considerable risk to human health in cosmetic dentistry and medicine in general.

Professional Comments From Miners Ravine Dental Group

  • “When done wrongly, tooth whitening can have huge and long term ramifications on the health of the dental patient.”
  • “Many people who opt to have the treatment done by an unqualified person often end up with serious chemical burns and long term scarring, which might make it hard to eat and brush for some individuals.”
  • “It is vital that you consult a qualified cosmetic dentist when looking for teeth whitening services. The professional service might appear expensive at first, but it guarantees the good health of your teeth and gums.”
  • “It is against the law for a beautician or any other unqualified person to perform teeth whitening procedures. Teeth whitening must only be conducted by a qualified dentist or hygienist. Remember, your health is your number one priority and must not be left in the hands of unqualified individuals operating illegally.”

We encourage you to visit our “Teeth Whitening Page” on the official website of Miners Ravine Dental Group to learn more about teeth whitening and the applicable laws in this industry. If you want to talk to us directly, call our Dental Helpline at (916) 784 – 3337 and let us answer any questions you have.