5 Best Oral Hygiene Habits to Keep a Sparkling Smile

Having clean teeth for the show is not enough; they are also paramount for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Unbeknownst to many, the oral health condition is not limited to gums and teeth only as ill oral health (e.g., bacteria buildup or inflammation), when left untreated, causes heart illnesses such as cardiovascular disease.

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5 Best Oral Hygiene Habits to Safeguard Oral Health and Keep a Sparkling Smile

Adopting the right oral hygienic habits is the guaranteed way of preserving the strength and appearance of your teeth. When you visit our dentists, they will polish your teeth and make them shine, but once you get home, you must take care of them on your own. You may need to review your daily routine and drop the bad habits that cause teeth discoloration to attain the desired results.

This post will show you the top five oral hygiene habits you can adopt going forward. The goal is not to merely boost the health of your gums and teeth but also to improve your wholesome well-being.

1. Floss and Brush Your Teeth Often

You probably already know the significance of brushing your teeth twice every day and flossing at least daily. Admittedly, having dental experts offer this professional advice repeatedly may feel monotonous. Nonetheless, its goal is far more significant, as an ignored mouth can lead to tooth removal or serious conditions like gum diseases.

Our professional dentists offer the same advice: floss at least daily and brush your teeth twice daily. In addition, ensure you are brushing and flossing the right way, even if you must learn the correct technique to maintain good oral hygiene.

To begin, hold the toothbrush gently and, at an angle, focus the soft-bristled brush on the section where the gum and the teeth meet. Make circular and quick back-and-forth movements with the brush. Do this gently over the surface of the teeth for at least two minutes.

When flossing, be gentle and floss one tooth after another. Be keen not to break the floss into the gums. When flossing, make rubbing movements around each tooth.

2. Start Using Fluoride

Unfortunately, most people disregard the critical role of fluoride in maintaining good oral health. Fluoride contains natural minerals with strong capabilities of protecting you from cavities. Luckily, numerous toothpaste and mouthwash brands in local and online outlets contain fluoride to keep your mouth safe.

You do not have to be concerned as these products with fluoride are completely safe for use and, with regular use, can deter tooth decay completely. Consider using fluoride products as an effective tool that can be used together with brushing and flossing to help you maintain daily oral hygiene and prevent oral illnesses.

3. Give Up Smoking

As many people know, smoking is one of the riskiest habits one can adopt. Besides the harm it causes to your respiratory system, including the windpipe and lungs, it greatly undermines your oral health and discolors your teeth. Apart from tooth discoloration, a smoker is exposed to inflammation and is at a high risk of oral cancer.

Indeed, giving smoking is not an easy journey, but it goes a long way in safeguarding the health of your mouth in general. Notwithstanding how long you have been using tobacco, there are a lot of health gains to be realized if you quit smoking today, including keeping your teeth and gums safe.

4. Control Consumption of Sugary Drinks

Many people like taking a sugary drink once in a while – it is both sweet and refreshing and may provide our bodies with the nutrients it needs. However, sugary drinks should not be consumed every day as they can easily lead to serious cavities.

Most importantly, we recommend that you drink water every day. If you must take sugary beverages, schedule them as you eat your meals but only drink small amounts in one meal. In addition, after taking your favorite sweetened drink, ensure you brush your teeth well before you go to bed.

5. Consult Our Professional Dentists After Every 6 Months

Our dentists’ key focus at Miners Ravine Dental Group is to offer preventive care to our clients. This way, you can ensure your teeth and gums remain in perfect health. To make this possible, we advise our clients to visit our offices at least after every six months for detailed teeth cleaning.

Our detailed teeth cleaning enables you to keep your teeth well-polished and allows our dentists to assess the general condition of your oral health. They will want to understand how you feel and any health concerns you may have and conduct a comprehensive assessment of your dental and gum conditions. You do not have to worry as these visits take a little time and are completely worth it for your oral health.

Feel Confident With a Healthy and Shining Smile

It is imperative to keep brushing, flossing, and regulating sugar consumption. Although it might require time and deliberate effort to change bad habits, you will soon adapt to the new way of doing things and begin to enjoy the resulting benefits.

You can be sure our preventive dentists in Roseville, CA, will help you keep track of the improvements that come with such changes. Please call Miners Ravine Dental Group today at (916) 784 3337, or make an appointment with us online; we are eager to talk and help you attain that sparkling smile you want.