6 Common Myths Busted About Popular Dental Procedures

Dentistry is an industry filled with myths and misinformation. Most people recall hearing about root canals being some of the most painful procedures akin to childbirth or those with dental fillings having difficulty chewing. Both of those are false, but searching online for worst-case scenarios and speaking with friends or relatives will open up a world of misconceptions.

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6 Common Myths Busted About Popular Dental Procedures

The great news is that most negative information publicly posted about dental procedures isn’t based on fact. Most modern dental procedures are painless, safe, and have minimal lasting side effects. Below are six of the most common dental myths busted for the world to see!

Myth #1: Dental fillings yield a lot of pain and discomfort.

Fact: Most fillings are easily completed in one session using modern technology and numbing agents. So the patient hardly feels a thing! A professional dentist will inject a numbing agent that makes the patient completely oblivious to the cavity being cleaned and filled in their mouth.

Myth #2: Dental crowns help protect against cavities.

Fact: Everyone wishes this were true, but the reality is that it’s still possible for a tooth to develop a cavity when being protected by a crown. For this reason, brushing your teeth extra carefully, especially those with a crown, is crucial.

Myth #3: Root canals are one of the most painful procedures.

Fact: Though most don’t believe it, root canals are pain-free. Though root canals in past decades were likely painful, modern technology and numbing agents have helped make the procedure nearly painless. Modern root canals exist to help calm the pain an infected tooth feels— not to make it worse.

Myth #4: Removing a tooth is better than getting a root canal.

Fact: The fact is that it’s much better to salvage a natural tooth than it is to have it removed for fear of root canal pain. Though great implants and prosthetic teeth are available, nothing beats having the original real thing!

Myth #5: Dental bridges will probably fall out.

Fact: Dental bridges are considered a permanent solution to tooth loss. Therefore, they’re built to last and require very minimal maintenance for the most part. Though bridges can suffer from the ravages of time and loosen or become dislodged, a dentist easily remedies this. A dentist can simply tighten the bridge to enhance its performance to ensure that it provides many more years of reliable service.

Myth #6: Dental implants are easily noticed.

Fact: Dental implants can blend in with natural teeth seamlessly. Since they’re made of porcelain and not metal, their translucence, and hue matches natural teeth closely. There’s a good chance that even the patient themselves would have trouble pointing out the implant unless they know where to keep looking. So for sure, friends or family will be none the wiser!


Before getting any dental procedures done, it’s crucial for patients to get all the facts squared away by their dentist. Having a clear line of communication and asking the right questions will ensure that all patients have the necessary information to avoid unnecessary fear. It’s also a good idea to separate information from fact and fiction because it makes patients more informed, and they’re twice as likely to get their facts straight when speaking to people they know. Knowing oral health and learning everything about a procedure helps the fear of losing the race and, ultimately, allows the dentist to seamlessly progress with the recommended treatments.

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