Is Achieving a Designer Smile Possible Without a Dental Pro?

Most people come across do-it-yourself teeth straightening device advertisements when looking at social media or their favorite programming on TV. All the promises are there. These ads make you believe a designer smile is possible without setting foot in a dental or orthodontic office. While they carry results, the standard approach isn’t suitable for everyone.

A good dentist will let you know that you can’t always trust an ad you see on TV. These mail-order solutions may fail for several reasons. Some may end up with a bad bite by using these products. The poor alignment suffered after using these devices will severely compromise oral health.

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How This Might Affect Your Bite

Regardless of the type of treatment you wish to go with, it’s always essential to have it supervised by a professional who knows what they’re doing. A professional has the expertise to tell when adjustments to treatment need to be made. They’re also better at monitoring the condition of your smile. Those who decide to go on their path with an aligner that was mailed in do not have quality supervision to monitor the progress.

The American Association of Orthodontists suggests that you should always have a professional monitoring your treatment. They have the expertise to know if there’s a problem. It’s essential to have someone knowledgeable reside over treatment just in case an issue arises. They should be there to check up on any problem you may have during your treatment.

Treatment doesn’t always work out the way it should. People who undergo orthodontic treatment without an orthodontist involved will find themselves in a tight spot when a problem occurs. There will be no one to turn to with the issue.

It’s Hard Not to Be Tempted

Most companies who sell aligners are excellent at making their product look extremely appealing. They make large problems like a straight smile within a few weeks. Their marketing is genius. It all comes with the promise of providing you with the straightest smile possible. It’s challenging to pass up.

Because the idea of a straight smile with as little money as possible being spent is so tempting, many of us want to check out online aligners as soon as possible. So it’s essential to know the facts before making your purchase.

Those who wish to go the do-it-yourself route will be asked to make an impression of their teeth and mail it in. This can be difficult to do if you aren’t an expert in the field. Your whole treatment plan will be thrown off if you do not get an accurate impression. After taking the impression, the aligner will be shipped to your door.

You won’t have the advice of a trained professional the entire time you wear the product. You may or may not be doing damage to your smile.

Understand the Right Solution

The company you’re buying your teeth straitening treatment from may never tell you you’re not the best candidate. Some people who get them do not match the criteria at all. Your bite may be too far gone for an aligner to work. If so, you’ll need a stronger treatment to move your teeth. Those with a complicated smile to treat will waste money when purchasing a do-it-yourself aligner.

All do-it-yourself kits may be ineffective when it comes to delivering the results you need. This will only lead to a delay in treatment, causing you to waste money.

The Bottom Line

Going without professional expertise is never a good idea because a convenient option is available. If you feel that it is time to get an even straighter smile, it’s time to talk with a professional about getting an aligner that will actually work for you. Go for a professional consultation to see how easy it is to get the smile of your dreams. Our cutting-edge technology lets our dentists know exactly how to correct your smile.

We’ll always be there to answer any questions you may have. So stop DIV remedies and look for a solution that’ll work for you.