Do I Have to Get My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Regardless of whether you decide to keep them in or have them removed, wisdom teeth can cause quite a problem. While it’s possible your dentist will suggest that they should stay, it’s much more likely they’ll want to take them out. If you want to go by statistics, a staggering number of Americans, around 90%, have had their wisdom teeth removed at some point. At this point in time, it’s probable that you’re wondering when it would be best to have them removed.

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Some of the Reasons Why Removal Is Necessary

Most people have them removed because there isn’t enough space for those four extra teeth. If this happens to be the problem when it comes to your mouth, a simple X-ray will show your dentist that you have this problem. If they find that there’s no room for an extra tooth or two, your dentist will likely suggest they need to be taken out.

Suppose you experience this problem and neglect to have the procedure done, it’s possible you’ll come done with several dental conditions. Those who decide to ignore the problem may have a lot of pain in their jaw from overcrowding. It’s possible to notice the crookedness of teeth. Some may even have their wisdom teeth impacted because there is no room for them to grow. Those who have this problem must undergo oral surgery.

Challenges With Care

While it’s possible he won’t, some dentists still want to remove wisdom teeth that grow straight. There may be fewer instances of cavities or gum disease if the procedures are done. Because they are so far away from the brush, as they’re located in the back, cleaning them can be extremely challenging. Flossing and Brushing isn’t a picnic with wisdom teeth. Many find themselves with a buildup of bacteria and plaque. This is sure to lead to dental problems.

When Should I Not Get My Wisdom Teeth Removed?

As we discussed earlier, most American adults get their wisdom teeth removed at some point. It’s still important to note that wisdom teeth do not pose a problem for many Americans. If you have enough space for them to grow well and can clean them properly, you shouldn’t feel the need to have them removed. While keeping healthy wisdom teeth is possible, you should still have a dentist closely monitor their condition.

It’s important to take a trip to the dentist to understand whether or not removal is necessary. He can check on their condition and give you the best recommendation.